classimulse pc(N) emulsifier to make white phenyle concentrate

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Place of Origin:
Tamil Nadu, India
Brand Name:
Classimulse pc


Emulsifier for making white phenyle concentrate with pine oil

Classimulse pc(N) is a new generation emulsifier to manufacture high quality white phenyle concentrate in less than 5 minutes. The product makes a clear transparent honey colour  white phenyle concentrate when mixed with pine oil and addition of small quantity of caustic soda solution if not clear. The white phenyle concentrate can take a dilution of upto 40 lts of water. The product formed is pure milk white, thick, and stable for long periods of time. The product is very economical and is more effective than the traditional phenyle as it contains non ionic surfactants which provide enhanced cleaning and pine oil provides disinfection. A 2 in 1 action.


The mixing process is very simple


Take 1kg of Classimulse pc (N) and to it add 4 litres of pine oil (28 - 32% grade for best results) and just mix it or shake it till you get a clear transparent honey colour micro emulsion. Your high quality white phenyle concentrate is ready.




1. Measure out 39 litres of soft water (de ionized or Reverse osmosis water like bisleri) into a plastic barrel.

2.Take 1litre of the white phenyle concentrate made above and if you desire add max of 50 ml of perfume like (Rose, Lavendar, Mogra, eucalyptus, citronella, citidora, orange, lemon grass or some fancy fragrance of your choice pls check compatibility with pine as all fragrances do not go well with pine oil.

3. Now after through mixing you should again get a clear micro emulsion, if there is any clouding then there is some compatibility problem with the perfume. if clear then proceed or else check.

4. From the 39 litres water take about 500 ml of water and now add only 25 ml into the concentrate and mix well, now again add 25 ml water and mix, continue this process till you get a thin milky white paste.

5. Now add the miky white paste into the remaining 38.5 litres of water and mix well for 5 minutes.

6. Your 40 litres of white phenyle is ready in minutes.

7. If you desire to add colour ( mix 5 grams food colour in 20 ml of water and make it into a liquid). Now add a few drops of colour into the white phenyle and mix. Add more colour to your desired taste.